Auguste Rodin

Auguste Rodin by Edward Steichen
Auguste Rodin was o­ne of the most famous sculptors of our time. He was born in France to a family who wanted very much for him to excel academically, but he was more interested in art and drawing. He decided at a very young age to pursue art as a career, and he got accepted into the École Impériale de Dessin, which was a government art school in France. Sculpting became his area of expertise.

For most of Rodin's life, his artwork was met with much criticism. He was ahead of his time, and his sculptures did not fit the mold of what was popular at the time. He did not let this discourage him, and just continued o­n, sculpting things that were not the "norm". He tried to get into the École des Beaux-Arts, which was o­ne of the most renowned art schools in France, but was rejected every time in spite of the fact that he was very talented.

Auguste Rodin, Torso
Over the years Rodin's fame grew, and by the time he was nearing the end of his life he was a respected sculptor, known throughout the world. Some of his greatest works were o­n exhibit at the World's Fair in 1900. After that, his popularity was set in stone. Rodin is best known for his scupture of The Thinker, which is located now in Paris at the Musee Rodin. It is made of marble and bronze, and was completed by Rodin in 1902.

In 1917, at the age of 77, Rodin died. He married his longtime girlfriend, Rose Beuret, in 1916. She also died in 1917.